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150 ways to become a metapositivist


Meta… [gr. meta after, for, through], a prefix
denoting a change in the meaning of the attribute

described by the root word, going beyond the limits of

the concept expressed by the root word.

Metapositivism emerges after the great criticism of

positivism that took place in the second and third

decades of the 21st century. The main essence of

metapositivism is the understanding that we cannot

react positively in all situations, but we try to do so

even if there are no reasons for it. It is a conscious

awareness and not coming into full contact with reality

that is contrary to positive attitudes. It is the desire to

remain in one’s introjections and projections

regardless of what is actually happening in the world.

This is a situation where I understand the tragedy,

sadness, pain, etc. of the world, but I consciously say

that it doesn’t matter and that I will ignore it and act as

if it doesn’t have any problems. Metapositivism is

deliberate self-deception in the presence of full


1. Think about possibilities and positive outcomes
2. Participate in creative activities and express your creativity
3. Make positive changes in your life
4. Attend positive people and events where positivity prevails
5. Participate in voluntary organizations and help others
6. Find time for your hobbies and enjoy your free time
7. See challenges as opportunities to learn and grow
8. Participate in sports or other physical activity events
9. Adhere to a philosophy of life that emphasizes a positive approach to life
10. Engage in spiritual practices and meditation that help calm the mind and
promote positivity
11. Meet positive people who encourage and motivate
12. Realize that happiness depends on our attitude towards life
13. It’s not too early to speculate on evil scenarios
14. Understand that every person has the right to make mistakes and failures
15. To think about what we have, not what we don’t have
16. Be open to new experiences and adventures
17. Learning to take responsibility for your life and choices
18. Learn from mistakes and recognize them as learning opportunities
19. Set goals for yourself and enjoy their achievement
20. Maintain positive relationships with close people
21. Find moments of joy in everyday life
22. Learning to live in the present and enjoy every moment
23. Don’t take things too seriously
24. Enjoy small moments of happiness
25. Maintain an optimistic attitude that everything will be fine
26. Share your positivity and motivate others
27. Understand that bad moments are temporary and there are always
opportunities to improve the situation
28. Learn from your experiences and grow as a person
29. Participate in events
30. Be positive, even though you understand that there are many problems


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