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228 ways to cultivate meta masculinity


You have a book in your hands that will give you 228 ways to develop meta masculinity. The concept of masculinity is now discredited enough. Being a man encompasses a range of qualities and characteristics that vary across cultures and individuals: the traditional male quality of being brave and strong. Masculinity was understood as a state of feeling self confident for a man. Men had to suppress their emotions to be persistent and brave in dangerous situations and the feelings arising from them. in the past, no one liked surrendered and  broken men. They were considered losers and such. Is there no need for masculinity now, for example in the face of war? But what should that masculinity be?

Therefore, I introduce a new concept – meta masculinity – this is the kind of masculinity that crosses the boundaries between men and women. I.e. such traits that help women and men adapt better in modern society. A modern person must have both „feminine” and „masculine” features that would help them to adapt to different life situations. In this book, I reveal ways to develop masculinity, both for men and women. Because in today’s liberal world, the differences between men and women are disappearing. Therefore, it is necessary to learn both male and female strategies for all genders, because depending on the situation, the most appropriate ones can be used. The book is pragmatic. It is intended for people who do more than think, but  who want to experience new things, rather than drown in the memories of their past. In no way do I want to impose my opinion that you need to do all the exercises, but the more you do them out of 228, the better you will learn new behavioral algorithms, or repeat the ones you already know. So enough of talking, let’s get down to business. Try the first exercise.

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