The original painting -Postobjective Surrealist Modernism

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The name of the painting – Postobjective Surrealist Modernism
Tomas Lagūnavičius (Copyright) (2024)
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„Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to an exploration of artistic innovation embodied in the painting titled ‘Postobjective Surrealist Modernism.’ As you stand before this canvas, prepare to embark on a journey beyond conventional artistic boundaries, into a realm where imagination and expression intertwine in captivating ways.
This painting serves as a portal to a realm where traditional artistic norms are challenged and redefined. ‘Postobjective Surrealist Modernism’ beckons you to delve into its depths, inviting you to unravel layers of meaning and emotion that transcend the constraints of the ordinary.
In a world where artistic movements evolve and intersect, this painting stands as a testament to the power of creativity unleashed. It embraces elements of surrealism and modernism, yet transcends them, ushering in a new era of artistic exploration.
As you immerse yourself in the colors, shapes, and textures of this masterpiece, prepare to be transported beyond the confines of reality. Allow your mind to wander, your senses to awaken, and your imagination to soar.
Postobjective Surrealist Modernism is not merely a painting; it is a doorway to boundless possibilities, a testament to the enduring power of artistic expression. Join me as we embark on a journey of discovery, guided by the enigmatic beauty of this extraordinary work of art.”


10 x 15 cm, 21 x 30 cm, 40 x 50 cm, 40 x 60 cm, 60 x 90 cm


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