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School- a „supermarket” or a school of social justice


Nowadays, there is a wide range of schools in modern society. People appreciate technological innovations as well as are interested in the educational ones. Thus, people expect some changes in the educational system. Heads of schools, teachers, and administrative personnel want to know what the modern education system should look like.

People like to create new things, but their innovations may seem boring for others, for example:

  1. clients (parents),
  2. users (students),
  3. or contracting authorities (the Department of Education).

A school first of all must know its clients’ needs, users’ interests, and authorities’ priorities. When all information is known, the school can offer them various “services” (teaching methods, educational forms, etc.).

Your competitors never sleep – they are thinking how to improve their services and are trying to attract customers away from you; it is a natural process. The market of educational services in Lithuania is shrinking and schools compete for every student.

How to be a leader? To make right management decisions? How? This book explains how to do it.

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